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How to Enroll

First Thing's First

  1. Open a new enrollment application (you will need a free PDF reader, like Adobe Reader).
  2. Complete the top portion of the enrollment application by typing your information directly on the application. Please complete this portion of the application BEFORE printing it out; this ensures your information is legible, thereby avoiding delays in the enrollment process.
  3. Print out the application and bring it to your school so that it may be completed and approved by your school counselor.
  4. Mail your enrollment application and payment to:


            P.O. Box 2751

            Baton Rouge, LA 70821-2751

We do not accept credit cards or personal checks.  We accept money orders or cashier’s checks only.

After your application is processed and you are enrolled

You will receive an e-mail like the sample one below:

A site administrator at LHSCC has created an account for you:

username: ...

You may log in by clicking on this link or copying and pasting it into your browser:

!!IMPORTANT!! This is a one-time login, so it can be used only ONCE. After logging in, you will need to change your password.


I’ve reset my password, what's next?

Look to the left side bar on our website for course categories (under "Courses"). Find the subject you have enrolled in and then click on it to find your specific course.

Once you have clicked on your course's link, the first thing you will see is your textbook information and a course description.

You will also find an ISBN number for the textbook that is required for your course.

If you wish to purchase your book online, click on the textbook ISBN number; this will show you several online shops that carry your textbook.

I have ordered my textbook, is there anything else I will need to complete my course?

As you scroll down past the course description (on your course page) you will see:

"Notice to Prospective Students"

This is a general notice for all courses; it lists everything you will need in order to access your course materials:

  1. A valid e-mail address. E-mail is how we communicate with our students. All graded lessons are sent back to you via email.
  2. A physical mailing address. There are some courses that are mailed to you rather than e-mailed.
  3. Access to a computer with PDF software, an internet connection and any up to date web browser. These are necessary to access your online courses, receive your graded lessons and receive any correspondence from our office.

You're almost there!

Now that you have everything you need to complete your course, the next thing you will see is:

"Course Registration Guidelines"

Please read this welcome letter thoroughly; it is very important that you follow the rules of the program. The course guidelines page will go into further detail, but this welcome letter gives you the basic information you will need to get started.

Once you have read your welcome letter you may see a section titled:

"Course Materials"

If the course you are taking is an LHSCC course, everything you need will be here.

If you are taking an LSU course that is administered by LHSCC then your course study guide will be mailed to you. However, there may be other documents listed here in this section.  If so, please open and print these documents.

Once you have access to these course materials and required textbook(s), then you are ready to get started.

We are happy you have chosen Louisiana High School Correspondence Courses.  We wish you well as you work towards meeting your graduation requirements.

If there is anything we can do to help you in this process, please email us at  We are here for you and want to help you.

Good Luck and Best Regards!

Important notice regarding our English course offering:

All English courses (listed) are temporarily suspended until further notice: English I S1 (#311), English I S2 (#312), English II S1 (#321), English II S2 (#322), English III S1 (#331), English III S2 (#332), English IV S1 (#341), and English IV S2 (#342).

Credit Disclaimer

We are not accepting any applications past March 15, 2023, and all students enrolling by that date must complete their lessons and exams by May 31, 2023. Please be informed that some of the courses being offered at this time are the same courses that the Independent and Distance Learning Department at LSU was offering. While they are the same courses, they are not being offered by Louisiana State University.  There is no affiliation between Louisiana High School Correspondence Courses, LLC and LSU. These courses will be administered and graded by LHSCC.