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Fine Arts Survey: Music and Dance (#115)


For this course you will use a textbook as well as the Internet. The textbook for the music portion is Glencoe Music! Its Role and Importance in Our Lives by Glencoe McGrawHill. (ISBN: 0026556928)

You should have a notebook for this course.  As you read the textbook, you will be given a list of key terms to define. You should define these words as you read.  This will help you when you have to complete your lesson assignments.  In your notebook, you should also keep notes on the key musicians from each chapter.

Course Description:

The objective of the Fine Arts Survey Courses is to give the students an introduction to understanding the four arts, their relationship and how they each touch our daily lives.  In this course, the second semester, you will be introduced to two of the arts:  Music and Dance.

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