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Discrete Mathematics S2 (#452)

Course Description:

Discrete Mathematics 452 is a ½ semester study basic concepts of mathematics and mathematical reasoning.  It is the second semester of Discrete Mathematics.  The prerequisite for this course is the completion of the first semester of Discrete Mathematics.  This course topics include consumer mathematics and financial management, measurement, geometry, counting methods and probability theory, statistics, voting and apportionment, and graph theory.

Consumer Mathematics and Financial Management
a.  Percent, Sales tax, and Income Tax
b.  Simple and Compound Interest
c.  Annuities, Stocks, Bonds, Loans and Credit Cards

a.  The Metric System
b.  Area, Volume, Weight and Temperature

a.  Points, Lines, Planes, and Angles
b.  Triangles, Polygons, Tessellations
c.  Perimeter, Area, Circumference and Volume
d.  Right Triangle Trigonometry
e.  Beyond Euclidean Geometry

Counting Methods and Probability Theory
a.  The Fundamental Counting Principle
b.  Permutations and Combinations
c.  Fundamentals of Probability

a.  Sampling, Frequency Distributions and Graphs
b.  Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersions
c.  The Normal Distribution
d.  Scatter Plots, Correlation, and Regression Lines

Voting and Apportionment
a.  Voting and Apportionment Methods
b.  Flaw of Voting and Apportionment Methods

Graph Theory
a.  Graphs, Paths, and Circuits
b.  Euler Paths and Euler Circuits
c.  Hamilton Paths and Hamilton Circuits
d.  Trees

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