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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a group of educators, who have previously worked for LSU’s Independent and Distance Learning (IDL) Department.

When Louisiana State University decided that it would no longer be in their mission to provide high school correspondence courses, it became ours. Our mission is very simple. We want to be your partner in educating students that they may “become lifelong learners and productive citizens for the 21st century.” (Bulletin 741, page 65)

No, we are not a part of LSU in any way. While they have been extremely helpful to us, we are a totally separate entity.

Yes, we are a newly formed company, but we are certainly not new to high school correspondence. Combined we have over 63 years of experience working with the LSU-IDL Department.

The best way to communicate with our office is by email,

Phone Lines are open:
Mondays and Wednesdays 10:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Tuesdays and Thursday’s 10:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

We are closed on Fridays.

Absolutely! The majority of the courses that we will be administering to your students at this time will be the very same courses that were offered by LSU. However, there were several courses that our instructors re-wrote to support the State Content Standards Initiatives. As stated in Bulletin 741 [pdf], all distance education must comply with the policies set by BESE.

Yes, please visit our Sitemap. This sitemap automatically regenerates itself after we update the website.

Absolutely, we would welcome review inquiries.

YES. All of the teachers who work for LHSCC are considered highly qualified by state standards. Their certifications range from Masters plus, to National Board Certifications. All of our graders currently work in an accredited high school or have recently retired from an accredited high school.

Actually, each student’s school provides a proctor for the midcourse and final exams in order to ensure course integrity.

The school awards credit to the student. As an accredited school, they are the credit giving agency. L.H.S.C.C. is another tool for you to provide opportunity for students to complete their graduation requirements.

Your student login will give you complete online access to course materials - everything you need to be an effective student. To get enrolled, you must first complete the "online enrollment" application. When we receive your completed and signed application, your enrollment begins as you immediately receive your login information via email. Lesson materials will be available online once your signed approval form has been received.

Yes, there are other correspondence course providers outside the state of Louisiana. While they provide these courses they do not necessarily follow Louisiana State Standards. The courses offered through LHSCC are aligned with the Comprehensive Curriculum.

Important notice regarding our English course offering:

All English courses (listed) are temporarily suspended until further notice: English I S1 (#311), English I S2 (#312), English II S1 (#321), English II S2 (#322), English III S1 (#331), English III S2 (#332), English IV S1 (#341), and English IV S2 (#342).

Credit Disclaimer

Please be informed that some of the courses being offered at this time are the same courses that the Independent and Distance Learning Department at LSU was offering. While they are the same courses, they are not being offered by Louisiana State University.  There is no affiliation between Louisiana High School Correspondence Courses, LLC and LSU. These courses will be administered and graded by LHSCC.


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Suspended Courses:

English I S1 (#311)
English I S2 (#312)
English II S1 (#321)
English II S2 (#322)
English III S1 (#331)
English III S2 (#332)
English IV S1 (#341)
English IV S2 (#342)

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