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Course Fees and Guidelines

Our Course Guidelines are also available in PDF format.


Course Fees and Guidelines

For each course, which is one-half credit, a fee of $229 is required.  For Online Math courses, an additional fee of $35 is required for the online textbook and online lessons.



Payment in the form of a cashier’s check or money order, made payable to Louisiana High School Correspondence Courses or LHSCC, must be sent with the application.  No personal checks will be accepted. 


Email Address

It is mandatory that you have a working email address in order to enroll in a course with LHSCC.  It is critical the email address on the application is a good working email address.  Your course materials and instruction letter will be sent to this address.  Your graded lessons will also be returned to you by email. 




  • A textbook is required for each course and is not included in the course fee, except for the online math courses (Discrete Math, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Financial Math, and Advanced Math). You will receive a code to be used online. This will give you access to the textbook.
  • It is very important that you immediately secure the exact textbook specified.
  • If you are working on a deadline you may want to consider having your textbook shipped express.
  • The required textbook information for the course is included on the LHSCC website.
  • It is very important that you keep your textbook and all course materials until you have received your final course grade.


How to order a textbook:

1.  On the left hand side of this page you will see a listing called "Courses". 

2.  Choose the heading your course falls under, and then click on it.  A list of all the courses for that heading will appear.  Locate the course you are enrolling in or have already enrolled in and click on the course number.

3.  Here you will find the textbook(s) required for your course.  Click on the ISBN number listed there in blue.   The ISBN numbers are linked to  

4. * provides a list of the places you can purchase your textbook(s) new and used. To purchase a new book look on the left side of the page.  To purchase a used book look to the right side of the page.                 

* = Please understand we have nothing to do with this site,  It has been placed here for your convenience.  We do not make any suggestions as to which company you purchase your textbook from, nor do we have anything to do with the delivery of your textbook(s).  This is strictly between you and whatever establishment from which you choose to purchase your textbook(s).  

It is very important that you order the exact textbook required for the course(s).  If your textbook has the same ISBN number as the one listed on our website, no matter what the edition year, then you will have the correct textbook.


Enrollment Information

Once you have decided on the course(s) in which you need to enroll, complete an enrollment application.  Each enrollment must be approved by the school principal or counselor.  Home school students under the age of eighteen must have parent permission to enroll in a course.  You may enroll in a course at any time of the year.  Once you have received approval, submit your completed application along with the appropriate fees to our office.

To complete the application, go to  You will see step-by-step instructions to complete the application process.


Course Expiration

You will have a maximum of six months to complete a course.  After six months, you are automatically withdrawn from a course.  If additional time is needed you will need to complete an extension form and have your extension fee in our office prior to the expiration date.  You can find your enrollment number and course expiration date by logging in to your account and clicking “My Account”.



Request for Extension form

A three-month extension is available if you can’t complete your course within the six-month enrollment period.  The fee of $55 must be received in our office prior to the expiration date of your original enrollment.  You may apply for a second and final extension by following the same process. 



If you are currently receiving accommodation(s) under Section 504 or have an IEP and you require accommodations for testing at your school, you must notify LHSCC in writing before submitting any of your lessons.    Please be advised that course modifications are not an option if it changes the content of the course.  Provisions for receiving accommodations must be requested prior to taking your exam.  You are responsible for requesting that the pre-approved accommodations are provided by your testing facility.  If you take your exam without requesting accommodations, you are waiving your right to accommodations.  Documentation may be required if you are testing at a site other than your school. 



If you choose not to complete a course and have not submitted any lessons, a refund excluding a $45.00 processing fee per course will be granted if the refund request is received within 30 days of the enrollment date.  Please submit a refund request by email to



Request for Course Transfer form

A transfer from one course to another must be done within 30 days of the enrollment date.  You must have not submitted more than half your lessons nor have taken an exam.  A new enrollment application indicating the course to which you wish to transfer must be approved by your school official and submitted to the LHSCC office with a processing fee of $45.00.  In addition, if you have already submitted lessons, you must pay $12 per lesson.  You are still required to complete the course you transfer to within the original six-month enrollment period. 



If you withdraw from a course, a grade report will not be sent to your school; therefore it is not necessary to submit intent to withdraw.   



Re-enrollments are available in a course if

  • the course has expired
  • a final grade has been posted

You are required to submit another enrollment application along with school approval and the appropriate fees.  Make sure you indicate on the application that you are re-enrolling.  Once you are re-enrolled, you are required to submit lessons and take exams under the original guidelines. 



  • Multiple choice lessons can be scanned to our email at 
  • English: You are allowed to submit a maximum of three lessons per week. 
  • English: All lessons must be mailed - no exceptions
  • Math: All lessons are submitted online. 
  • Make copies of all lessons before putting them in the mail.  We are not responsible for any lesson lost in the mail.  In the event that lessons are lost in the mail, you must re-submit them.
  • Lessons shall be turned in to be graded in sequential order.
  • All lessons must be properly labeled
    • First and last name
    • Enrollment number
    • Course name and number if lesson assignment sheets are not provided for your course.
    • Pages numbered, i.e. page 1 of 4
  • Do not staple work.  Please paper clip lessons with multiple pages.  Be sure pages are in the correct order.
  • Do not write on the back side of your pages unless 2-sided answer sheets have been provided for your course.
  • If a lesson assignment sheet is provided for you, your answers must be submitted on the sheets provided.   
  • If you are trying to meet a graduation deadline and submitting more lessons will help you achieve this, your school official may make a formal request on your behalf.  They can do this by emailing us at
  • Lessons are to be returned by mail to:


P. O. Box 2751

Baton Rouge,  LA  70821-2751

  • Please make certain that the outside of your envelope can be clearly read.  Include your first and last name and complete mailing address.
  • Lessons may be teacher-graded, computer-graded or a combination of both.
  • The specific format and guidelines of teacher graded lessons will be provided in the introductory pages of each course.
  • You may send a note to your teacher for clarification on particular lessons.
  • If you send incomplete lessons, they will be graded as is.  Lessons cannot be resubmitted for grading.
  • It is very important that you take into account mail time when planning your course completion.
  • You will not be eligible to take an exam until all corresponding lessons have been received.



Each course has two exams, a midcourse and a final.  You must pass the final exam to pass the course regardless of the grades on the lessons or midcourse exam.   You are eligible to take an exam once the required lessons have been received and accepted by our office.  You will be given two hours to take an exam unless an accommodation approved by your school states otherwise. 

Exams will NOT automatically be mailed to your exam administrator.  Once you have received your graded lessons and are prepared, you may request your exam.  You may do so by using our Exam Request Form.  Please allow one week for delivery.  For academic integrity reasons, NO EXAMS ARE SENT ELECTRONICALLY.   We encourage you to take an exam as soon as you are eligible.  You are eligible to request your exam after completing and submitting the first half of the course lessons.   If you are unable to take an exam at the time of eligibility, you may still continue to submit lessons.  On rare occasions, an exam may be misplaced or lost in the mail system.  If such a thing happens, you will be required to take an alternate form.

A final grade will not be calculated until all lessons have been completed and graded.



All exams must be taken under the supervision of your high school principal, counselor or a principal designee.  You need to check with your school on the exam administration policy.  If your school chooses to not serve as a proctor or if you are a home-school student, you must seek an approved proctor. 

Approved proctors are principal designees, a college testing center, head librarians, or military education officers.    

Unapproved proctors are relatives, personal or family friends, neighbors, tutors, pastors, employers, persons involved in sports programs, or anyone with a potential conflict of interest. 


Off Campus Testing

If your school does not provide proctoring service for your exams, you will be required to use an approved testing facility. 

  • Some proctors may charge a fee.  You are responsible for any fees associated with the exam proctor.
  • You will be required to show a picture ID.
  • You must provide the testing facility with a stamped, addressed envelope to LHSCC.  Use the testing facilities address for the return address. 
  • Exams will be mailed directly to the address of the establishment that employs the approved proctor.  Exams must also be returned to our office by the approved proctor according to our exam administration policies.  There are no exceptions to this policy. 



Grading criteria will vary by course.  See course introductory pages for more specific details.  The grading scale will be the same for all courses.

90 – 100                A

80 – 89                  B

70 – 79                  C

60 – 69                  D

59 or below           F

Graded lessons are normally returned to you within one week from the date that they are received in our office.  However, teacher graded assignments may take up to 10 days to be returned.


Academic Integrity

We aim to maintain complete honesty and a high standard of integrity.  Any form of dishonesty will not be allowed.  You are responsible for completing your own work.  Types of academic dishonesty may include, but are not limited to, submitting work of another student as your own, plagiarism, falsehood of information or citations, unauthorized prior possession of exams, use of disallowed materials on an exam, or alteration of grades.  Determination of dishonesty will require all fees to be forfeited, a failure grade in the course, and no option to re-enroll in another course. 



If you feel your lesson or exam requires an appeal, an appeal must be submitted to our office no later than 30 days of the grade being posted. 

Lesson appeals:  You must resend a copy of the original graded lesson along with specific details of what you are appealing.  Failure to provide specific details may delay or deny your appeal.

Exam appeals:  You must first request to review your exam.  Exam reviews are only allowed under the supervision of an exam proctor.  If you decide to appeal after reviewing, you must complete an appeal form.  The appeal form will ask you to provide specific details on what you are appealing.  Failure to provide specific details may delay or deny your appeal. 

A response will be sent to you within two weeks of the requested appeal date.  Please note that grades may be lowered as well as raised as result of an appeal.

Important notice regarding our English course offering:

All English courses (listed) are temporarily suspended until further notice: English I S1 (#311), English I S2 (#312), English II S1 (#321), English II S2 (#322), English III S1 (#331), English III S2 (#332), English IV S1 (#341), and English IV S2 (#342).

Credit Disclaimer

Please be informed that some of the courses being offered at this time are the same courses that the Independent and Distance Learning Department at LSU was offering. While they are the same courses, they are not being offered by Louisiana State University.  There is no affiliation between Louisiana High School Correspondence Courses, LLC and LSU. These courses will be administered and graded by LHSCC.